An Acrostic Christmas (writing 201 day 2)

Poem 1 – christmas:

christmas tree, standing free
oh so bright twinkling like starlight
sitting underneath with wrapping so neat
your gift and my gift, waiting patiently


Poem 2 – the gift of kindness & love:

kindness, in all it’s forms
never stands alone
open your heart
wide like the tide
the secret to life
happy healthy and long
your self beliefs
so be kind inside
experience again your inner child
loving yourself first
friends and family come next

The picture was also taken last year at XMAS in Holborn, London – it’s the courtyard of one of the lovely hotels.


16 thoughts on “An Acrostic Christmas (writing 201 day 2)

    • Thank you so much! – I love the cosy feeling, I try to keep my mind cosy all the time, but at christmas the decorations and the thoughtfullness behind a gift, even if only one or two is when it can come to life. Oh, and a roaring fire and mince pie 🙂

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