A Prose Poem About Skin (Writing 201 Day 3)

Magazines lie like dictators cries, beauty brands try to sell fake style. Naturally soft and smooth only when new, but like all forms decays over time. Popped pimples, rubbed rashes, cuts and scratches, laughter lines and frowning signs, these may all come over time. The book cover of our lives. A living journal. A unique story; where true beauty lies. Superficial values and photoshop aside, look closely to see the real me. When the inside is healthy, the outside will shine. Eat natural, drink water, love yourself, and a warm glow will arise. Mirror mirror on the wall, am I not beautiful? as are you all.


This was my poem for writing 201 poetry day 3, the prompt word was skin, the form prose poetry and the device internal rhyme.

The picture is a shot I took of bonjour in hong kong; which is a chain of beauty product stores. I love the colours and the array of people.

22 thoughts on “A Prose Poem About Skin (Writing 201 Day 3)

  1. WOW. The rhythm this piece has is rolling! I really like it! It bounces along effortlessly. Plus, this is a really relevant topic.

    “Magazines lie like dictators cries.” That is my favorite line. Do you mind if I write it down? I keep a notebook of quotes (just for me, no one else.)

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    • Hi, omg – thank you so much for the really positive comment. I can’t believe someone wants to write down my line – I would be honoured to have an entry in your notebook. I think that line came from my brain trying to figure out the ‘contrast’ required for simile. Yes – this topic is dear to me, I think it’s so important we are at peace with how we look ‘warts and all’


  2. Like some of your other readers pointed out the first half of your opening sentence is a powerful attractive pull. It sets the tone and motion of the rest of the prose. I like the message you have here to age naturally.

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