A Winter Walk – Writing 201 ‘Cold’ Poem

a winter walk

In case you can’t read it easily:

Win-ter is nearly here,
Let’s put on warming, wooly gloves,
Let’s put on co-sy, cuddly socks,

Snow may be coming near,
Let’s put on heavy hoods,
Let’s put on some big boots,

We’ll go on a winter walk
We’ll go with a flask of tea
We’ll go with two cookies

Even if it’s cold outside
You’ll have my warm heart
I’ll have your warm heart

I wrote this poem for bloggingU writing201 poetry course. Today the prompt word was cold; after some thought, the idea of a winter walk came to mind. The form was ‘concrete’ or ‘shape’ poetry and the device was anaphora.

This was kind of fun to think about. I couldn’t get the shape right in html, so I ended up creating my poem in photoshop, I guess I could have done it in a word editor also.


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