London to Tokyo via Frankfurt

My last three months – suits, ironing,  americanos, the client office, ms excel, paper, meetings, timetables, stress relief beer, stress relief chocolate and escapism netflix.

But I finished up last Friday in London, it’s Thursday now and I’m sitting in Starbucks Omotesando in Tokyo.

Now that I have space to breathe I have a goal, I want to get into a solid consistent yoga practice. I’ve dabbled in yoga for a few years, but no where near regular enough. I do know when I practice my body feels better and my brain more relaxed and balanced. I’m on my third day in a row of practising since arriving in Japan. I’m also aiming to hit the gym every second day. I turned 38 this year and I don’t want to continue to slide into beer belly middle / old age. Now it stops.

I left London on Sunday, aiming to fly to Tokyo via Frankfurt. But due to a typhoon warning in Japan we were stuck overnight in Frankfurt. On the positive side I had the chance to walk around Frankfurt and got some nice photos.

The only disaster was the airport hotel to town centre taxi cost, the receptionist said 15-20 EUR and it turned out to cost 45 EUR. I took the train back.

I also indulged in some curry wurst and apfelwein – the local speciality.

Next day it was on to Japan with a 11.55am flight. I got some nice shots in the airport / on the plane.

The last shot taken with mobile shows Mt. Fuji just as sun is coming up. Amazing view, was so spectacular in real life.

Now that I am in Tokyo my schedule is quite free. I hadn’t planned much this week, just wanting to wind down from work and re-evaluate things. I went to the gym yesterday and had a walk and had some tasty food.

I was thinking it’s so hard to break out of bad habits; actions and thinking, and so hard to build in the new ones, especially when we are so busy with work and other things. I’m trying to use this time to break some bad habits and get some new ones going. Get out of patterns of behaviour and be open to try and experience new things.

Hopefuly by freeing up some space in my life some interesting things will happen.

I already had a stumbling point though. On Thursday I had a weird feeling in my face while indulging in some lovely sushi, on Friday night I went to hospital and I likely have Bell’s palsy, the left side of my face is about 70% numb. I am hoping it will recover. It’s a very high recovery rate, but could take months.

In the interim it’s not painful, but speaking with one half of the mouth is weird and drinking liquids is a bit weird as it’s hard to keep the lips close on the left side with any pressure in the mouth.

Funnily illness and things like this just makes me appreciate everything good in life more, so I am going to try and do my best.

I’m hoping to maybe write some poetry and take some great photos in the coming weeks so look forward to sharing those here.

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