Sendagaya Jeep

The highlight of the day was a classic jeep spotted in Sendagaya (千駄ヶ谷), Tokyo (東京)

I saw this on the way from the Tokyo Metropolitan Gym to Omotesando. The metropolitan gym has a training room, pool and finess studio available for public use for 600 yen per session. It’s great for visitors who don’t want the hassle of a membership.

I’ve been in Tokyo almost a week, but still haven’t been out to take any photos in a structured way, however I tend to carry my camera with a 50mm in my bag every day just in case. When I saw the sun shining on the chrome on this jeep I had to stop for a few minutes and take some pictures.

It’s Typhoon season in Tokyo so it goes between massive downpours and beautiful sunshine through the day. I was at home most of the morning studying Japanese listening to the rain, then at lunch time went to the gym and afterwards had a lovely walk in the sun over to Omotesando for a coffee.

The beauty of the jeep was partly the juxtaposition between modern tokyo streets and a classic american car.

It was also in lovely condition and the green paintwork was striking.

I was making a nuisance of myself for five minutes standing in the middle of the street, crouching down etc. but the beauty of Japan is delivery drivers etc. will stop and give you plenty of space. Of course I moved out of the way immediately, but it’s such a nice daily way of life to not feel stress from people.

In terms of spending five mintues taking a few shots, I went for a front on shot to catch the full grill, with a pedestrian in the frame and a decent depth of field, then I went for some detail shots using a shallow depth of field just for creative effect. I’m really happy with the way the chrome and green paint fill the frame in the second shot, I love it! This really speaks to the beauty of classic design and classic materials when compared to modern cars.

I’d rather drive this jeep than a modern supercar in terms of style. Maybe not performance though!

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