Ford Ranchero, reading manga, and Nakano sights

I snapped a few nice shots around Tokyo in the last few days. I spotted another sweet classic parked up in Harajuku. This is a Ford Ranchero, it’s the first time I saw one in real life, I think it’s the slightly less popular competitor to the El Camino. This one looks awesome in gloss black.

The pedestrian crossing in the background connects Harajuku rail station (Yamonote Line) to the main shopping street in Harajuku; which is Takeshita Street. This where you can see the famous Harajuku style fashion including the lolita look. It’s consistently quite a busy area.

I love the interior detail on this Ranchero, beautiful!

Another photo I took was of a girl on the Chuo line on the way home late on at night. She was reading Manga on her iPhone. This is pretty common in Japan. For those not in Japan or that don’t know Japan, Manga is available for both adults as well as children. Some people might dismiss it as strange that adults read comics, but I’m all for reading and I don’t see any issue with a more visual form of storytelling. I guess I personally prefer books, I find the flow is easier than with reading Manga, but that could be just because I am not used to it.

I took a few more shots around Nakano on the walk home one night to give a flavour of the day to day sites and sounds of the city. While this is not typical of tokyo streets many areas have streets like this.

Staff working inside a small restaurant
A man advertising a bar, a common site
Nakano at night – pretty lights.

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