Hello Taipei

I’ve had three days in Taipei. I’m feeling good about this city; it has positive vibe. Today I went for a walk along Dihau Street. It’s a fairly traditional area with a lot of shops selling things like tea and herbal medicine.

There are some vibrant, busy scenes. But even in amongst those you can catch people taking a rest from the hot afternoon sun. Check out the guy in the truck cab.

Taipei has public use city bikes, I saw a couple parked up outside a local temple where people stop to take a drink and pay their respects.

Plenty of colour and check out the pink co-ordinated daughters.

Here is a typical storefront you can see the dried fruit and medicines and other thigns in large bags and along the walls.

A great photo opportunity to catch a couple of people offering respects outside this temple, and a lady rubbing her noise to avoid a sneeze.

Taipai is hot, so a lot of sheltered walkways in front of buildings, and plenty of things to buy while walking.

Tiny lanterns; so cute

Dihau street is more reminiscent of Hong Kong than of China; at least from my memory.

I love looking into these shops

Gosh the colour of this ladies fresh fruit really had me wanting a drink of juice.

Last year I did some posts on Thailand motorbike life. I caught some interesting shots of families on bikes. Here is one from Taipei to add to the list. I can guess the daughter might be playing Pokemon go, it’s super popular here.

More Dihau street

Proof that my reflexes with the camera are not too slow, I caught this plane just as it was coming over.

I love to see classic bikes and love the gnarly tyres, so it was enjoyable to see some real nice bikes amongst the scoots.

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