Taipei Street Food

(all photos taken in a rush with ‘shakey hand’ mobile phone)

I’ve been making the rounds of the Taipei street food scene. Main observations; very cheap, some things are delicious, a lot of it is unhealthy.

1st stop Shilin night market. Where I tried the famous ‘stinky tofu’; shown on the left below. The tofu is fermented and has a very strong ‘stinky’ smell, but the taste is not that strong. I’m think fermented foods are good for the stomach so I was excited to eat it.

Note in the picture you can see pickles with the dish. These looks suspiciously like Japanese style than Chinese style pickes. I wonder if this is a legacy of the Japanese occupation?


I also tried the Oyster Omelette; on the right in the picture below. I am a bit nervous about Oysters, I had pretty severe food poisining before. But in this case they are cooked so I think it’s safer.

The dish in the middle is a fried prawn, it’s nothing that special but quite delicious.


I also ate the ‘coffin’ bread. I forgot to take a picture! They deep fry a thick peice of bread and then cut it open and fill with…  something from a wide choice e.g. pepper beef, kimchi beef, tuna..  This one is seriously unhealthy and reminds me of when we added deep fried bread to cheap breakfast in the UK!

I’ve also eaten the famous rice noodles with intestine. I went to the stand at Ximen, this one is quite busy and definitely a tourist and local eating spot.





These rice noodles were delicious and at 65 TWD it’s very cheap by comparison to a lot of other places including UK, Japan etc. I would even say the food here is cheaper than Hong Kong or Shanghai.

This last place I’ll post is one of the local eating places. In total this meal of three dish cost me 95 TWD (just over 2 GBP), and this dish quite healthy; ginseng chicken soup, egg and cabbage. And it was all delicious.


I did make the mistake of not ordering a rice or noodle dish so I was a big hungry later one, I ended up having some of the local taiwanese fried chicken which was pretty tasty, but very unhealthy. This one is the popcorn chicken at Ximen.



I’ve only just scratched the surface; still looking forward to try a lot of other famous dishes.

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