Hong Kong and 2 photos, 2 years apart.

I came back to Hong Kong. The last time I was here was early 2014.

When I was here last time I took this picture from Kowloon of a Junk passing by. That’s Hong Kong Island in the background.

Now that I’m back I found that Hong Kong hasn’t changed too much.

In more or less the same location, but from a different angle and earlier in the day look what I saw:

I find myself stunned by the beauty of some of the views of the Hong Kong landscape. It’s a city of contrast though, the pure beauty of the landscapes belies some of the cramped, dirty, smelly streets crammed with people. Be ready for it if you visit.

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Ah, your Hong Kong posts are making my heart ache for the city! I miss it terribly. I am jealous that you get to visit it so often!

I immigrated from HK when I was a toddler, so my impression of the city was built from the news, tv shows, old photos, what my parents would tell me… I was so pleasantly surprised when we finally flew back to visit family. There were SO many mountains /covered/ in greenery. They squeeze in trees and bushes wherever they could. I loved it. You and Mel & Suan are right; it’s the contrasts that make the city so charming.

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So glad to hear you had a chance go go back, not many cities can live up to old memories or images from movies / tv etc. but Hong Kong does a great job 😆 – I was thinking about living there for a year or two but the apartments are either tiny or a longish commute 😭

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Yeah, this contrast existed since our first journey in 1995! There can be near slum like housing right next to modern office towers and shopping malls! That, is probably the true flavor of Hong Kong!


Hi Mel & Suan, Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, I think when you think about what ‘local hong kong style’ is, it’s probably always a contrast.. I was also thinking of the ‘east and west’ foods, I had rice, pork, peanut butter toast and milk tea in the cheap restaurant last night, and then you have the british style buses, but with chinese destination names, it’s a unique place 🙂

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