China, Tai Chi and a Little Autumn Regret

I’ve done it! I’m so spontaneous (crazy?). In three days I converted an idea over a coffee into a shiny new Chinese visa and a new plan for the next month.

I’m a little surprised they are letting me back in. I went to China in 2014 and was obviously causing lot’s of trouble.

On my last trip I went to Yangshuo in Guilin to do some Tai Chi and Qi Gong Fu. I didn’t make much progress as it was a short stay; I also wanted to visit Shanghai.

I don’t know why, but I always feel nervous about applying for a Chinese visa and entering china. Despite my nerves my experience in China was quite positive. Not scary at all.

I think the nerves come from spending almost a year in Russia; which is not exactly happy happy la la la land.

I was browsing around the web a few days ago and I noticed there is a good Tai Chi teacher in Shenzhen who speaks English. I remember last time in Yangshuo most of us foreigners couldn’t really understand the Tai Chi teacher, he spoke English, but he would go into rambling stories in a strong local accent.

So I’m off to Shenzhen to have another go at Tai Chi.

I’m quite often tired and my digestion sucks which can put me in a little bit of a low mood. I think it stems from years and years of office work, electronic screens and not the best diet. In recent years I have improved my condition quite a lot through better diet, yoga and meditation. But when I’m travelling I can get fatigued quite easily which really throws a spanner in the works of being able to see lot’s of sights and experience local culture to the fullest extent. The blog is great at showing the beautiful days out, but doesn’t highlight the long lies and coffee shop days!

So my plan is to invest at least a few weeks in Tai Chi to see if I can get a bit of a reset on my system, balance out an increase my energy.

Let’s get into the ‘China’ mindset by taking a quick look at a few of my 2014 pics!









I’m super excited!!

The only little regret I have is I am going to miss the 2016 British Autumn. I’ve travelled quite a bit and so far I haven’t seen any country to beat the beauty of Scotland and England in the Autumn. I think we have such a beautiful mix of trees and other plants it’s really breathtaking. Certainly tropical Asia can’t compete with the colour schemes. I am sure there are parts of US, China etc. that are similar, but I haven’t seen them.

So let’s take a look at some of my favourite Autumn picks.







So if you are in a country that has a beautiful autumn please think of me and I hope you enjoy it.


    1. I think Shenzhen will be interesting as it’s not a typical tourist or traveller destination. Ill be sure to take photos and write something. Just arrived an hour ago (trying to beat the expected typhoon), first impressions; lots of seriously massive and quite new hotels , 1st two shops I saw were Louis Vuitton and Cartier – Modern China ! 😮

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  1. Great China photos.
    The secret to China is time. It’s so vast and the culture so different it takes a long time to get acclimatized and even more to begin to see it. My advice is, explore one small area well, and listen to the heart of the people. It’s my second home. I spent 4 years in China, 3 in Taiwan,, and 8 in Hong Kong I love it and have many close friends among the people yet I’ve barely touched the surface. One thing to note is you don’t see the old folks there in walkers and wheelchairs, rather doing morning Tai Chi or other exercise, ballroom dancing in the evening and thinking nothing of climbing 9 flights of stair at 70 plus. I think they have something to teach us.

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    1. Hi Claire, thank you for your fantastic comment. Some great tips ill keep in mind for my approach to being here. When I was last in Thailand I had talked with a friend how able bodied old people there are vs. UK, even small details like the old buses don’t have special rails or lower down to let old people get on, it means they get more daily exercise just going about day to day things! Nice to hear from you :)

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    1. Hi Afrily, thank you so much, really kind, I didn’t get such a nice complement for a long time 😆 – hopefully I can get some more nice pics to post soon !

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