OCT Loft (Shenzhen Contemporary Art)

I went to OCT Loft in Shenzhen yesterday. It’s a contemporary art centre in a former industrial complex. The look and feel of OCT Loft reminded me of Moganshan 50 (M50) in Shanghai, I posted some pictures about my trip there last year.

I only had a little time so I didn’t go inside many places; but I am definitely going to go back, in the meantime I can share some pictures of the complex and exhibition hall A:








Inside hall A there was exhibition “Summer Triangle” – the theme related to changing cities through as portrayed by the media with focus on hong kong.

Contemporary art exhibits in centres like this are often a little mysterious and not necessarily clearly signposted where you enter / exit etc. I saw some girls nervously approach the entrance to exhibition hall A; sneaking up and peaking through before entering.


I didn’t take many photos inside, but there were some interesting displays.


Looking at the businesses around the exhibition hall I spotted a really pretty tea-ware shop and some nice looking cafe. I did see one studio running oil painting classes.



Continuing the trend of major brands investing in more unique outlets in special locations there is also a rather pretty looking Starbucks there. But lot’s of other options if you want to support the smaller chains / local businesses.





    1. Shenzhen is definitely an unusual place, its breaking my perceptions. I think it went from population tens of thousands in the 70s to over 10 million now, because it was an experimental economic zone in China money flooded in and a lot of that has gone not just to construction but design. Its on the UNESCO world design city list. I expected an ugly factory city, but its bits not at all, as I read on one trip advisor review “boulevards to rival anything singapore has to offer”

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