Changdeokgung, Seoul, South Korea

I’m in Seoul, Korea now! I hopped on a plane and came to Seoul to see a friend. I’ve been travelling about 8 weeks now and I felt like I could really do with seeing a familiar face. I’ve also been dreaming about Korean Chicken and Beer for about a year.

This is my second trip to Seoul. On my first trip I went to one of the Royal Palaces; Gyeongbokgung – it was so beautiful. So on this trip one of my first stops was Changdeokgung; another royal palace, that happens to be a UNESCO heritage site.

I wanted to share some pictures of Changdeokgung. I spent a few hours walking around the palace and secret garden.

From about 200 photos I picked 22 out that I am really delighted with. Keep your eye out for the Racoon; perhaps one of the last of a long line of royal Racoons.

My love for photography started in 2014. This recent trip to Changdeokgung continues motivating me to take more pictures.

I plan to make some other posts about other aspects of Seoul soon. It’s a great city.

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