Stairs – a study, Dongdaemun, Seoul

There is relatively modern design plaza in the centre of Seoul. I decided to take a few photographs as the architecture is quite unusual.

This post is about one set of stairs.

I was drawn by the wonderful geometry. I love how they widen as they descend. I like the grey concrete of the stairs, floor and wall and how while they are similar they have different angles and textures. I think it’s a wonderful piece of subtle design.

But the stairs aren’t the full story, the interest was completed by watching different people walk up and down.

A single guy strolling down slowly.

A middle aged couple marching up in bright winter coats.

A young couple romantically staggering up.

One of the things I love about photography is the frozen motion especially mid step, jog, leap..  I think that’s why some sports / action photographs can be so striking.

Looking back on images of people frozen in time as they ascend or descend is more interesting than the real moment; sometimes life goes too quickly to catch the details.

Note: these photos are unadjusted from RAW in the camera, I like the natural unedited low contrast. I think it’s the first time I haven’t wanted to process a photo at all (I’m not talking about photoshop, just the normal in camera automatic processing).


Do these stairs hold any interest for anyone else?

6 replies on “Stairs – a study, Dongdaemun, Seoul”

Did you take in more of DDP while you were there? The human sihouette that they have placed all over is intriguing! Especially at night when the DDP is lighted up, it looks like a spaceship!

Yeah, I have a few more pictures to post, but I don’t think I got any of the human silhouette statue / artwork, they didn’t look great in the frame, but were interesting to walk around and see in real life. I’m not sure I’d call DDP beautiful; I think spaceship is a good description, it has some beautiful angles and views, but it also feels a bit too separate from the vibe of Seoul if that makes any sense ?

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