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On a walk around Bukchon in Seoul on Monday I spotted a bicycle that was nicely colour coded with the background of its parking spot. I started to wonder, “Are cyclists trying to match their bikes to the background of their parking spots?”. I’ve seen this happen too many times for it to be a coincidence!

I cycled quite a lot when I was younger and lived in Aviemore in Scotland. I shared a fairly rusty old Raleigh with my dad. I think it’s given me a fondness for bicycles, especially classicaly styled steel frame bikes.

I think cycling day to day as a way of getting around keeps you fit without the time investment of gyms or planned runs. When I was working in Netherlands for a few months some years back I loved to see all the people going around on bikes.

I haven’t taken up cycling in London. The traffic and the attitude of drivers makes it a bit scary/dangerous. But perhaps one day I’ll be living somewhere that I can pick up cycling again.

In the meantime, here are some of the bikes that have appeared in my photos.

1. Bukchon, Seoul – red rims and matching vine leaves
2. Shoreditch, London: pink rims and matching graffiti
Bethnal green road, London: classic peugeot and a coffee shop

Soho, London: Messenger On A Break

Kyoto, Japan: sightseeing by bike

Kyoto, Japan: which way shall we go

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