Bullet Journals & Travel Memories

A huge thank you to fellow WordPress blogger; bluchikenninja, who’s blog introduced me to the wonderful ‘bullet journal’ system – http://bulletjournal.com/

I love my notepads, but they are normally a mess. Bullet Journal provides a basic system to structure your notebooks for planning, journaling, reference etc.

I love it, I think like a lot of good design it’s simple, elegant and functional.

I normally use Muji notebooks and pens, I’m also a proud fan of cute stationary.



Inspired by the bullet journaling community I’ve started to organise my notebook a bit better. Here is the December planning layout with a little fun XMAS decoration!

(I’m really getting into the festive spirit this year).


I’ve gone down the bullet journal rabbit hole. It turns out there is a pretty big community of people on instagram and some of their journals are amazing!

Try searching the hashtag #bulletjournal or #bujo. Some accounts I’ve started following are:

Today I decided to create a double page spread summarising my two travel trips this year including a rough map and a few of my favourite photos. It was really cheap and easy to do this and I think it’ll be a wonderful memory to look back to in my notepad.


Do you keep a journal, notepad, diary?

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