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Bullet journaling and travel memories

A huge thank you to fellow WordPress blogger; bluchikenninja, who’s blog introduced me to the wonderful ‘bullet journal’ system –

I love my notepads, but they are normally a mess. Bullet Journal provides a basic system to structure your notebooks for planning, journaling, reference etc.

I love it, I think like a lot of good design it’s simple, elegant and functional.

I normally use Muji notebooks and pens, I’m also a proud fan of cute stationary.

Inspired by the bullet journaling community I’ve started to organise my notebook a bit better. Here is the December planning layout with a little fun XMAS decoration!

(I’m really getting into the festive spirit this year).

I’ve gone down the bullet journal rabbit hole. It turns out there is a pretty big community of people on instagram and some of their journals are amazing!

Try searching the hashtag #bulletjournal or #bujo. Some accounts I’ve started following are:

Today I decided to create a double page spread summarising my two travel trips this year including a rough map and a few of my favourite photos. It was really cheap and easy to do this and I think it’ll be a wonderful memory to look back to in my notepad.

Do you keep a journal, notepad, diary?

2 replies on “Bullet journaling and travel memories”

Suan: why yes! We recall and jot things down as we encounter them and talk about it in the evenings as we settle in for the night. Sure beats trying to keep the tablet on all the time!

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