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Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul, South Korea

I recently posted about Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul. Following that post I received a recommendation to go to Changgyeonggung. It’s right next door. A smaller palace, but less busy and with more stand alone buildings and a park with a lovely pond.

The light was a little difficult when I went and autumn was just ending. But nevertheless some photos came out well; let’s talk a photo walk around Changyeonggung!

A very quiet day, only a handful of other people visiting this palace midweek at the end of Autumn:

Plenty of beautiful details include the wooden gates and stones walkways and steps:

One of the most impressively detailed wooden interior roofs I’ve seen in any of the Seoul Palaces:

Changgyeonggung has one of the nicest views of N Seoul Tower. After visiting the palace you can walk up the hill past nearby Ihwa mural village to get an excellent view of Seoul.

Autumn was ending and the palace park was full of people cleaning up the leaves.

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