Big City, Local Touch – The View from Bukchon, Seoul

Seoul – we’ve taken a look at the royal palaces Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung, we’ve also seen the view from Naksan Park. Now I’d like to share the beautiful view from my favourite area; Bukchon Hanok Village.

It’s a village on a hill in northern Seoul comprised mostly of traditional ‘hanok’ houses.

These houses are small and quite beautiful, they were originally known as Joseon Houses after the Joseon dynasty. This was the time when Korea went through a lot of prosperity and advancement. An interesting character to read about is King Joseon the Great, he is widely regarded as having improved politics, science etc. promoting Confucian style values (family / education) and he is the leader who introduced the impressive Hangul writing system.

Did you know you can learn the Hangul aphabet in a day.

Then you can go to K Pop Karaoke!

Bukchon can be packed with tourists during the day, but is quiet a night. Let us take a look at some pictures:

6 thoughts on “Big City, Local Touch – The View from Bukchon, Seoul

  1. We were juts there barely a month back and it was soooo packed with people. Wonder how the residents cope with all this people coming around! Good trick – come in the evening when most tourists have to go on their coach onto something else!

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