Christmas in London 2016

Five days left until Christmas, I think it might be time to inject a little festive cheer into my blog.

Last year I spent Christmas in London, I had a fantastic time taking photos and enjoying the quieter than normal city.  A lot of people leave; presumably to visit family or take the opportunity for a short break. This coupled with the beautiful lights make it a magical place to be.

Last year my ‘Christmas in London’ photos turned out so nice – see part I and part II.

I went Christmas shopping on Sunday and I bagged my first two photos of a Christmas tree at St. James. One of which features ‘blurry Alex in a bauble’ (that would be the name of my Scottish folk christmas themed music band):



I also bagged a couple of other nice shots; not so Christmassy, but worth sharing. Was lucky to catch a Jaguar E-Type passing the Horse Parade / Cavalry Museum and London Eye:


And a telephone box / Big Ben, I like the warmth from the lights. You can almost make out the star on top of a Christmas Tree at the bottom left in the grounds of Westminster / Big Ben:


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