Poetry Thailand


Are you going somewhere?
Wouldn’t it’d be fun if I came too?

I remember the daily trip to school
A mini adventure
On a big double decker bus

As a young passenger
It was exciting to see friends
And travel together

No matter where we are
It’s something we share with each other

Squeezed onto a scooter or
Even on the roof of a truck

Could we apply the spirit of the passenger
To more of the things we do?

I wrote this for the passenger daily prompt

I did the WordPress poetry course over a year ago and I loved it, but due to other priorities I kind of dropped off, I am really keen to get back into it though.

So hopefully this will be the first of a regular practice attempts.

My thinking was that being a passenger brings us together – it often means going to work, to dinner, for a holiday etc, together. Imagine if we could bring a more positive ‘together’ mindset to other things in life, wouldn’t that be good.

I realised how important this is when I travelled and saw the way different people are passengers in day to day life, I’ve included some of my photos from Thailand and Japan.

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