Welcome to Fuxing Park

The skies were blue
The trees were bare

French in part
Shanghai at heart

Even with the cool winter air
Warm hearts were there

Dance, play mahjong
Or take a stroll with mum

Welcome to Fuxing Park

A man taking his mother for a walk in Fuxing Park in Shanghai

A little practice poem inspired by this photo I took at Fuxing Park in Shanghai, China. This is a very famous park, it was originally designed by the French; being part of the French concession in Shanghai. It’s a popular spot to see people playing, dancing, exercising, or as seen here – out for a stroll with their mum.

One reply on “Welcome to Fuxing Park”

Oh my, can imagine the park today. 20 years ago, mel’s office was in that building in the park. Every morning he’d walk past an army of elderly gents and ladies practicing sword play or Taiji/Qigong whatever. Its a wonder to see something not changed that much!

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