Three ladies walking past a Jaguar E-Type in London

What’s Your Favourite Car?

What’s your favourite car of all time?

I’m quite into cars; especially the classics. But I suspect even if you aren’t a ‘car guy’ you might still be able to appreciate automative design.

The classic curves of the Jaguar E-type provide a solid example that can easily turn peoples head on the streets.

Even if you don’t know the manufacturer or model names of many cars you probably know of and would recognise quite a few of the iconic classics, a few examples come to mind:

  • Land Rover
  • London Taxi (Austin FX3)
  • Tokyo Taxi (Nissan Cedric)
  • Rolls Royce
  • De-lorean (Back to the Future)
  • Ford Mustang (Bullitt / Gone in 60 Seconds)
  • Ferrari 308 (Magnum PI)
  • Aston Martin (James Bond)

I grew up loving cars. Many a childhood hour was spent talking about cars, looking at cars, and even messing around on farm fields in old ‘almost scrap’ cars.

I do have a couple of pics of young alex caught in the act.

I must be about 15, that’s a Vauxhall Chevette – hand painted stripes.
That’s me with the long red hair, and that’s a Renault

When I moved to London I joined a classic car club and had the chance to drive a few at the weekends; Mercedes SL, Jaguar E-Type, Ferrari 308.

Most of the cars I like are the old classics from 60’s, 70’s and the more modern classics from the 80’s and 90’s.

Highlights of my younger days included a Nissan 300ZX (eBay purchase), a Toyota Celica GT4, and a Toyota Supra.

But from about 2000 onwards I kind of lost interest in automotive design. Most modern car design doesn’t do a lot for me. A lot of the coupe’s and saloon cars just look far too similar.

But luckily there are still a lot of beautiful classics out on the streets. I really admire and appreciate the people who take the time to restore and maintain classic cars.

Travelling around several countries I’ve noticed that there is quite a wide variety in the level of ‘care’ put into classic cars. For example in South Korea I rarely saw any classics. The culture seems to be singularly orientated towards cars as a status symbols of financial income. Check out the Kia website for Korea – huge luxurious looking saloons that they don’t even market in the UK.

On the flip side I’ve come across a lot of classics in Tokyo.

And of course in my home country of Scotland classics are a common sight

And Zurich

And London

And Bangkok

Are you into cars? What do you like? Even if you aren’t into cars do any models come to mind?

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