A Pint Please

Pints and pubs.

Could there be anything more British?

In the past friends from abroad have commented with surprise on the sheer volume of people drinking outside pubs in London.

If you walk around the city or west end on Thursday or Friday after work it’s not just a few people outside pubs, it’s a mass of people. The best pubs get crazily busy.

In some spots there is so little room on the pavement people will cross the street with their beer!

If you’re not into beer you could be forgiven for overlooking the pub scene. But it’s worth taking a deeper look.

On the topic of beer alone there are so many types. Traditional English ales, Belgian beers, continental lagers. Even if you don’t normally like a traditional lager or beer,  you could probably find a fruit, sour, dark etc. beer to suit.

Aside from the beer. Pubs do a couple of other interesting things.

  • They look after and maintain some beautiful historic buildings
  • Some have beautiful colourful plants and flower boxes around the exterior
  • And some of the names, signage and illustrations are full of characters.

I had it in mind to go around and take pictures of some of the well known bars throughout London. It would be good to record them. In the meantime, a few pictures from my ‘London’ folder:

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