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Gion, Kyoto ・ 祇園、京都

It’s 2018 and I decided to start the first week of the year with a ‘photo-walk’ around Gion in Kyoto.

Gion is the traditional district of Kyoto, think old style restaurants, souvenirs shops etc.

1 – Shijo Dori

The main shopping street. It’s full of shops selling souvenirs and traditional sweets. Looking East towards Yasaka Shrine.

2 – Shirakawa-Minami Dori

A well preserved historic street.

Not only formal restaurants, but also some cute small businesses like this espresso stand.

One of the more formal restaurants.

Gion Tatsumi Bridge

Lot’s of people taking photos here, including some girls in Kimono with professional photographers.

Turning 180 degrees from the last photo a traditional restaurant.

A sushi bar at night on Shirakawa-Minami Dori.

A few more restaurant entrances.

5 – Tominagacho

Tominagacho is one of the main side streets running parallel to Shijo Dori. There are lot’s of bars and restaurants here.

4 – Sushi Izakaya

I really liked this Sushi bar / restaurant on a corner of Hanamikoji Dori.

Further along Hanamikoji Dori there are some other interesting restaurants.

6 – Old Style Pub / Restaurant

At the west end of Gion I spotted a fairly unusual black and white izakaya. This one claims to be one of the older casual bars / restaurants in the area.

This is just a brief snippet of Gion, there is quite a lot more to see. If you visit there you will see so many people in Kimonos and so many restaurants, coffee shops and guest houses. You will also likely see a few Geisha and Maiko if you walk around all the side streets.

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