Kyoto, around Kawaramachi and Pontocho ・京都の中に河原町や先斗町の周り

For my second photo walk around Kyoto in January I took a stroll around Kawaramachi and Pontocho areas. Just across the river from Gion; the subject of my last Kyoto post.

I’ve included a map at the end of the post. Let’s take a look at some photos.

1. Shijo Dori

I spotted a lovely bit of old and new on Shijo Dori – a mustang, sporty toyota, old temple, and mcdonalds.

2. Teramachi

3. Shinkyogoku

4. Pintocho

5. Kiya-machi dori


Blue icons show the main locations photographed

Pontocho and the surrounding area really is a beautiful spot for lanterns and traditional restaurants and bars.

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