A trip to Singapore

In 2019, I was excited to have the opportunity to visit Singapore. It was a business trip, so I had the chance to see inside a couple of impressive buildings in the financial / corporate district. I was also able to extend my a few extra days to enjoy the local vibe. Prior to 2019, the last time I was in Singapore was 2000. Back then I had just graduated from university and was visiting a Singaporean friend.

From a business perspective Singapore has an entrepreneurial energy. It’s a business centre for Asia Pacific, which has some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

In 20 years Singapore has changed dramatically. In 2000 it really stood out as a unique place. The collonial architecture, the small size, the multi-cultural dynamic. These days the city has grown bigger and the architecture and building style has harmonized more to the standard that we see in many cities across the world.

As a case in point, when I visited Raffles; the famous collonial hotel, in 2000 My friend and I were the only people at the bar having the singnature ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktail (review: too sweet). When I went to the newly refurbished Raffles this time I couldn’t even get into the cocktail bar due to a huge queue.

A few pictures from walks around Singapore.

As I made two trips to Singapore, I spent my first trip staying near Orchard Road. My second trip I decided to try Little India for something a bit different.

I spent an afternoon in the National Museum of Singapore. The exhibition / display on the history of Singapore is fantastic. They mix some modern interactive presentations with historical artifacts really well. I love the old world style maps.

Abraham Ortelius’s map of Southeast Asia 1570

One of the things I love the most about Singapore is the food. Sadly many of the old hawker style food stands in the different local areas that existed in 2000 have now dissapeared. There are still some hawker stands in the tourist areas, but it’s not quite the same.

On the positive side; even in the shopping centres, you can get cheap and delicious food like the Shanghainese duck below with vegetables.

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