Rainy days in Oslo

I spent a few days in Oslo on my way back to Scotland. It’s a small and peaceful city. The weather was cold, grey and wet, but this only made the short walks followed by hot coffee and snacks at one of the many bakeries and cafes more enjoyable. There are quite a few sights to see, enough to stay entertained for a short break.

The Oslo Opera House is one of the stand out attractions on the waterfront.

Another highlight is the FRAM museum. Dedicated to the polar exploration ship Fram. The museum itself houses two ships and has a large collection of photographs, documents and other items. The ability to both walk around the ships and enter them really highlighted how small and cramped the conditions were. It was also interesting to read about the expeditions.

In the evenings there is a Christmas market and plenty of decorations throughout the city centre. One of the highlights it the Grand Hotel which looks beautiful.

Oslo also has a revitilized residential area on the waterfront with plenty of cafes, bars, stores. The new apartments are side by side with some of the existing industrial facilities. There were some interesting installations around the area such as trees with lights that cycled through various colours.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Oslo was the traditional bread with the Norwegian cheese. I understand this cheese is made using sugar. It’s so delicious.

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