Photoblog Switzerland

A return to Zurich

I spent January 2020 in Zurich. This was part of my luxurious plan to start 2020 somewhere beautiful with time set aside to indulge in reading, walks and taking photographs.

Ever since my first trip to Zurich in 2017 I’ve been thinking of living in Switzerland. This was also an investigative trip.

I can’t think of a place more opposite to Tokyo. A total alternartive to the hustle and bustle of living in a megacity.

It’s quite a magical place; historic architecture, lakeside views, distant mountains.

Historical buildings along the riverside in Zurich, Switzerland
A bridge and historical buildings on the riverside in Zurich, Switzerland.

January is pretty cold in Zurich. But with hat and gloves on standby it’s possible to enjoy frequent walks along the riverside and around the historic city. Switzerland appears to be blessed with beautiful winter light. The days are clearer than the UK. The air is clean and crisp.

Sunset over the river and historic buildings in Zurich, Switzerland.
Historic buildings with a church steeple in the distance in Zurich.

The biggest downside of travelling to Switzerland is the cost. It’s very expensive. The trick to living there is earning a local salary, or being rich.

Historic buildings on the riverside in Zurich
A cobbled alleyway in Zurich in soft sunlight

The appeal of living in Zurich is partly in the lakes and mountains. You could sail in summer and ski / snowboard in winter.

Historic buildings on the riverside in Zurich
People walk up a cobbled lane in Zurich with a church spire in the background.

Outside of sports there are plenty of beautiful little restaurants and coffee shops.

The city has a strong financial district, so there are corporate jobs to be found.

A cobbled alleyway in Zurich with a historic building with magenta window shutters.

The potential downside could be a lack of cultural diversity. The city itself is slow and relaxed. While there are plenty of Swiss cultural elements there isn’t much in the way of international or cosmopolitan when it comes to the arts.

Another city I’ve been thinking of spending more time in is Vienna, which is well known as an arts and culture hub.

A view of the tram in Zurich in among the historic buildings.

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