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Horse guards, London

I thought it might be interesting to write a series of blog posts featuring famous sights in London.

For the first, I took a walk to the Horse Guards. It’s an impressive, ornate mid-18th century building that was used as baracks and stables for the Household Cavalry; the two most senior regiments of the British Army. They are charged to guard the Monarchy.

The Horse Guards are still actively used by the military, but there is also a museum for the Household Cavalry that’s open to the public.

The Horse Guards act as a gateway to whitehall, which then leads on to Buckingham Palace.

I think many of us have seen the hourse guards on ceremonnial duty in their striking red uniforms and polished hats. We shouldn’t forget these are real soldiers who are also actively deployed to warzones. I’d advise tourists not to mess with them!

The Horse Guard Parades features a number of statues and ornamental items. One of the most interesting was the Turkish Gun. According to wikipedia the cannon was made in 1524 and was captured by the British in 1801. I love the ornate design. It’s interesting to reflect on the days when even items of war were made with art in mind.

Another interesting feature is the brass monster which has a French mortar mounted on it. This commemerates the lifting of the seige of Cadiz in Spain in 1812.

One of the beautiful things about London is the vast array of things to be seen, many with interesting stories and long histories behind them.

There are two equestrian statues. One of Field Marshals Roberts and one of Field Marshal Wolseley. I was quite taken with the statue of Roberts. He was one of the most successful British military commanders of the Victorian era. The statue is striking, the horse is posed in a very dynamic way.

As a bonus St.James park runs alongside Whitehall starting just opposite the Horse Guards. It’s beautifully maintained park and a great spot to see a variety of wildlife.

London Photoblog

Classic design

Whenever I see a classic car I think about design. Last week I saw this 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 near London Bridge in London.

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Everyday sights in the city

Do you live or work in a city? What do you see on your day to day trip to work?

Last night after work I walked from my client office towards St. Pauls with a colleague. As we were walking I remarked, “doesn’t London have some amazing architecture?”. My colleague; originally from Bulgaria, replied that he loved the area.

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Chelsea, London

Time for another Sunday photowalk. This week I went to Chelsea in West London. Chelsea has the reputation of being a wealthy area. I was expecting rich ladies in 4×4 cars (known as Chelsea tractors), plastic surgery, Lamborghini’s with Qatar plates etc.

But, it was more like churches, cute houses, old buildings and classic cars.

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Chiltern Street, London

Today I went for a walk around Chiltern Street in Marylebone. I think it’s quite a famous spot with its beautiful red-brick townhouses.

I also spotted a couple of nice cars.

I normally take candid street photos, but I’ve been wanting to work on my confidence to ask people if I can take their photo. I saw some friendly-looking people outside of ‘Trunk’ store, it was a lovely scene, so I asked if I could photograph them. They kindly agreed.


Barbican, London – The Japanese House

This year the Barbican centre ran an exhibition; ‘The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945’.

I was impressed by the creative layout, a large gallery was used, in the centre, a life-sized house and garden were installed. This was surrounded by individual galleries telling the story of evolving design in the post-war decades.

What better way to celebrate the economical use of space and thoughtful design present in Japanese homes than to make it a central theme of your exhibition.


Qi Gong trip to Shenzhen

Another spontaneous trip. I was having a coffee in Hong Kong and suddently felt like going to China. It’s quite easy to get the China visa in Hong Kong, plenty of agencies will handle the whole process for a reasonable fee.

On my last trip I went to Yangshuo in Guilin to do some Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I also visited Shanghai.