3 thoughts on “Classic Automotive

  1. Dear, Alex
    This is Jun and we met briefly at a pub in Seoul.
    I thought I should try your website since I could tell from the thickness of your business card and the quality of the picture on it you must have put in decent amount of money and lots of effort respectively to come up with such one.
    But unfortunately, I can view thumbnails of each links but not individual pictures within the links.
    I notice that you have been travelling Japan for a while and I notice pictures of your home, Scotland. And each pictures seem to contain messages that is well described right next to.
    I wish I could leave you more comments and opinions but due to above limitations, this is all I have for now.
    Wish you good luck with your future aesthetic endeavor :)

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    • Hi Jun, don’t worry my cards were not too expensive and it was fun to make them! I’m sorry to hear some of the images or links don’t work for you. Some of the images are large file size so maybe they don’t download well. I checked it on a few devices and it works for me. Thank you for your kind words, it’s nice to hear from you and see your comments.

      Where did we meet? I’m terrible with names!


    • Ah, I see, there might be a problem with my site, I will check further, I think I need to re upload some pictures to fix it, thank you for letting me know.


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