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Professional Photography Experience

Travel + Leisure Magazine, Time Magazines (June 2017)

During my last trip to Shenzhen I spent some time at the excellent OCT loft, a centre for contemporary art. Contrary to the popular impression Shenzhen has grown into a city with everything from grand shining boulevards to a variety of art and cultural centres. A testament to the power of special economic zones and international business. My photos will be published in Travel + Leisure magazine in June 2017.


Jonestown Coffee Website, London

I had the opportunity to take photographs of Jonestown Coffee on Bethnal Green Road in East London. The owner used the photographs for the coffee shop website. Jonestown has excellent coffee and a really unique and comfortable interior style.


Maha Nakhon Building, Bangkok

During my last trip to Bangkok I took photos of the Maha Nakhon building, which have been widely published in architecture media.

bangkok-5878 Maha Nakhon Collage.jpg

Featured on Tumblr Homepage

I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of pictures featured on Tumblr and appear on the Sign In / Register page.


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I also sell photographs via Getty