Film recommendation – 君の名は・Your Name

Today, something a bit different – a movie recommendation!

君の名は (kimi no na wa) or in English – “Your Name”

It’s anime, but don’t let that put you off, this is a story about people – friendship, family, love etc. – no monsters!

“Your name” was a major hit in Japan in 2016 and 2017.

It’s been on my list of things to watch for a while. I finally got around to watching it on my recent flight back from Japan.

I don’t want to give away anything about the plot or storyline, I think it’d be more of a nice surprise if you don’t know much about it.

I like it so much I sent my mum a copy – together with a box of chocolates.

I was deeply touched by the story and I might have even shed a tear on the plane! (highly embarassing).

The animation itself is stunningly beautiful. It’s the first time I really had a ‘wow’ moment with some of the scenes.

The movie also has an excellent soundtrack by the RADWIMPS – the main song ‘Zen Zen Zensee’ is really great – Here is a cover on youTube:


Hope you get a chance to watch it and enjoy it

Hakka No Togame


My blog name may sound strange in English. The reason is it comes from Japanese. It has a special significance to me which involves an ex girlfriend, travel across the world and around one hundred and thirty hours of TV.

The Japanese Kanji for hakka no togame is 白霞罸.

The first two characters together represent the name Hakka (romaji) / はっか (hiragana). When two consonents  are written together in romaji to pronounce it pause slightly before the consonent and pronounce it sharply and clearly. Kind of like Ha-Ka rather than Haka.

Names in Japanese have underlying meaning, in the case of Hakka 白霞  – the meaning is 白 – white and 霞 -haze.

The third character 罸 means punishment, penalty, censure.

Therefore hakka no togame / 白霞罸 can be translated to something like ‘white haze punishment’.

Why on earth would I call my blog white haze punishment? We have to go back around ten years to answer that.

I moved to London when I was around 28. After moving to London I had what I would call my first real grown up relationship (girlfriend).

My girlfriend was called Corrine and was from Singapore.

We used to love going to cafe japan in north london to eat delicious Japanese food.

When we were relaxing at her apartment one night she put on an anime movie. The movie was one of the ‘Bleach’ films.

Bleach is a super popular long running anime which is now finished.

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