A limerick about Tam and Cookies (writing 201 day 4)


there was a cookie, gold like
the morning sun, with choc chips dark as
midnight comes, so crumbly to see
it’s comforting to me
But wait! – 500 calories, that’s just no fun.


there was a man named tam
who loved a bit of a dram
unlucky for him
life can be grim
his wife was not a fan

WordPress BloggingU – writing 201 day 4. Today the prompt word was ‘imperfect’, the form ‘limerick‘ and the device ‘enjambment‘.

The first poem ‘cookie’ came from my state of mind today. This week I’m only eating porridge at breakfast and Korean food at night (kimchi, rice, vegetables etc). I like to do occasional weeks like this to give my digestive system good treatment. The side effect is I am thinking about cookies a lot. And of course, the perfect cookie would be made of kale and broccoli but taste as a normal one does.

The second poem I wrote after reading the wikipedia on limericks; which describes the ‘nonsense’ funny style of Edward Lear. I realised limericks are popular for amusing topics between men and women, and while I didn’t go into anything too racey, I thought this was fun. Tam is a very ‘scottish’ name and a ‘dram’ is what we call a whiskey. And it’s quite a traditional stereotype that the man in the family would try to sneak in a dram or too at night; all to the disaproval of the lady; who normally controls the house.

A couple of limericks about the form that made my laugh out loud

There was a young man of Japan
Whose limericks never would scan.
When asked why this was,
He replied “It’s because
I always try to fit as many syllables into the last line as ever I possibly can.
– unknown

There was an old man with a beard,
A funny old man with a beard
He had a big beard
A great big old beard
That amusing old man with a beard.
– comedian John Clarke

19 replies on “A limerick about Tam and Cookies (writing 201 day 4)”

Hey maria, I’m happy I got a laugh! I was racking my brains to think of an amusing anecdote or funny story that I could turn into a limerick; that’s a project for the future, the ‘punch’ line seems so important.

I am in love with kimchi. I love cabbage, and as it’s a little spicy it’s very tasty. Plus being fermented it’s really good for our gut health. Full of bacteria! I try to eat kimchi, sauerkraut and even ‘natto’ – japanese fermented soy beans (not for the faint hearted) regularly. More extreme options are kombucha tea and kefir.

For kimchi recipe, it’s super easy. You can just eat a tiny dish of it with rice on the side. The most basic traditional meal in korea. Or you can make kimchi chigae (kimchi soup), just need kimchi, tofu, korean chilli sauce etc. – I also have the soup with rice on the side, or you can make bibimbap – i add kimchi and tuna to mine. It might be an acquired taste, but worth having a go 🙂

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Kombucha tea is like green tea? I googled all these names and well, I know I’d love to try these! Kimchi chigae sounds best. Not sure if kefir is what I think it is. Maybe I’ve never tried, maybe it’s something named differently here. Anyway, it was exciting to read about these. Thank you! ^-^

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haha, down the rabbit hole we go.. no kombucha and kefir are pretty serious traditional health food things, they are made from leaving some bacteria in either sugar water or milk overnight, once you have the culture you can re-use for long long time.


haha thanks – I’m having a lot of fun, actually I am having trouble to stop my brain trying to rhyme everything during the day (worried face!)

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Thanks Melinda, yes – some of the limericks out there are so funny. I’m going to read loads more when I have time.


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