Drum Boy is Tired and Showing Your Emotions

On Saturdays visit to Confucius and Baoan Temples, I saw some Taiwanese people practising drumming in a park.

During the warm up:


I was quite amused by the total lack of self consciousness the boy displayed. He was clearly impatient / bored / hot / tired.
I guess parents are all too well familiar with this.
In comparison, at the same moment, the man was carefully practising and closely checking the sound with his ear.
I was wondering about the difference between the boy and the man.

  • As we get older do we naturally take practice and preparation more seriously?
  • Does the school and work system teach us to ‘work’ even when tired?
  • Does experience of life in society teach us to take more care of how we present ourselves?

When they started to play I noticed the boy was a little out of time compared to the others. But despite that he played loudly and confidently.

So I was thinking should we be more expressive; as children are?

Can you imagine those long business meetings, everyone is tired, not much is getting done. Instead of sitting politely, people start to climb the walls, swing on the chairs etc.
What do you think?

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