Zurich – a hidden gem

This last Wednesday I had an overnight trip out to Zurich for a business workshop. It was a 4.30 am start, but totally worth it.

The reason I love travel so much is the joy of having a change every day. Even a business trip is an opportunity to meet new people, try local food and if lucky have enough time for a stroll at the end of the day.

The Zurich trip was busy, but I managed to fit in an hour long photo walk around the old town area between eight and nine pm.

4 replies on “Zurich – a hidden gem”

Have you been? My client office was near the banks, all the offices were quite small and even in the main areas there weren’t many people and lot of nice little cafe and shop… It was a lot more chilled and friendly than London but very expensive… But maybe I didn’t see the busiest part

We only made a brief stop. Zurich wasn’t the city we were looking out for, but the places we went to where lots of other tourists were certainly thronged with people!

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